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  phryk a9d1e81d1f more less bork? 6 months ago
  phryk 87f2bcfd7f itty bitty refactory 8 months ago
  phryk 60e2587efc fixed placement of adjusted hinges 1 year ago
  phryk ff623f94df not sure if bettar 1 year ago
  phryk 08ef84d1e4 small optimization on hinge_270, starting work optimization of hinge_side 1 year ago
  phryk fd69c203cf tiny change in hinge_270 1 year ago
  phryk 262f6462c8 started work on optimizing hinges 1 year ago
  phryk c40cb9b6bb added second set of folding walls 1 year ago
  phryk 614b5d77f6 walls now work, transition done as well 1 year ago
  phryk 2a5aaba8b8 hinges and assembly work 1 year ago
  phryk cdc898d0af moar hinge 1 year ago
  phryk phryksen 70283a8d31 hinge rail 1 year ago
  phryk 7b1effbd4b MOAR HINGE 1 year ago
  phryk phryksen dc219d1105 basis for foldable walls added, next up: HINGES 1 year ago
  phryk 2df13ec705 core room and battery compartment constructed, added needed extra 't' corner 1 year ago
  phryk f879601b06 florp 1 year ago