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  phryk 31cfd5fd4e more py3 fixes 9 months ago
  User Phryk 1bc213bb8c fixed bug introduced in last commit 1 year ago
  User Phryk 6c712953a3 made SourceOrganizationAuthor Commentable 1 year ago
  User Phryk 203b162ee8 frontpage now redirects to profile of phryk (or Article listing if not existing) 1 year ago
  User Phryk ac3cac4e74 removed date from article template, since poobrains commentable.jinja now handles it 1 year ago
  User Phryk 2c48788e65 error handling in scraping, lxml for everyone 1 year ago
  User Phryk 741333a1fe removed date from Article because it's now defined in poobrains.commenting.Commentable 1 year ago
  User Phryk 3bca20b649 fixed scoredlink issue remaining from move to peewee 3, better styling for curatedcontent tldr links 1 year ago
  User Phryk c91dab9ebd added date to article 1 year ago
  User Phryk 17793d5b8a some fixes for ScoredLink 1 year ago
  User Phryk f5698ca779 bettar readability 2 years ago
  User Phryk 7de2d8ac2a some templating and styling fixes aroun curatedcontent 2 years ago
  User Phryk c814b9c84f additions to .gitignore 2 years ago
  User Phryk 2a70d19dde poobrains compatibility fix 2 years ago
  User Phryk 8eb8c455d2 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:phryk/poobrains-pdn 2 years ago
  User Phryk 8f41a2ecc6 added noopener and noreferrer rel in scoredlink template (see https://mathiasbynens.github.io/rel-noopener/ ) 2 years ago
  phryk phryksen 44c69225f7 added to scss 2 years ago
  User Phryk 4fba0f3699 more consistency 2 years ago
  phryk phryksen 098b8a7b3c removed header template moved into poobrains proper 2 years ago
  phryk phryksen c6cdf01c2e added previously ommited class 2 years ago
  phryk phryksen 851a655eff logo filename adjusted in header.jinja 2 years ago
  phryk phryksen 759d5a9068 because needed 2 years ago
  phryk phryksen d440d04444 renamed logo file to match last poobrains commit 2 years ago
  User Phryk 820a9cfa1c fixed datetime problem for postgres in scraping cronjob 2 years ago
  phryk phryksen b873895bb6 better scraping 2 years ago
  User Phryk de55635326 more accurate messages in scraping cronjob 2 years ago
  phryk phryksen 9dab833b4e better scraping 2 years ago
  User Phryk 6dc8226189 woop woop 2 years ago
  phryk phryksen 7cd52eb7d9 scrapemoar 2 years ago
  phryk phryksen 92dd45d55a adjusting to new cli 2 years ago
  User Phryk 50195fcc36 moved logo in header.jinja 2 years ago
  phryk phryksen a4752abd09 fixed hfsmi_web.svg, added custom.css, some templating/styling 2 years ago
  User Phryk 3fa3923a44 made ScoredLink more detailed 2 years ago
  User Phryk 767d8b4bb6 added curatedcontent.jinja 2 years ago
  User Phryk e8a7a053af project template fix 2 years ago
  User Phryk cc738b8326 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/phryk/poobrains-pdn 2 years ago
  User Phryk 45ef736418 project template added 2 years ago
  User Phryk 161603e90c no clue what i did. 2 years ago
  User Phryk 1387301168 adjusted sourcing model 2 years ago
  User Phryk a6738eddf5 added meme whitelisting 2 years ago
  User Phryk 97e12ce246 more dry. 2 years ago
  User Phryk 8221987443 fuckwand 2 years ago
  User Phryk fe25ee23b9 no clue what i did, but committing before i kill wand 2 years ago
  User Phryk a0dd0dbb1f things? 2 years ago
  phryk 637d72b872 less dumb stuff 2 years ago
  phryk 3cfff32751 even dumber stuff 2 years ago
  phryk 91d01feed8 dumb stuff 2 years ago
  phryk d84d848729 commented .save out for memes 2 years ago
  phryk f1b5e262b1 removed stray set_trace's 2 years ago
  phryk 42e58d48e7 resizing works, even for animated gifs 2 years ago