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  phryk bea52f5857 cleaned up, resolves issue #3. 2 years ago
  phryk e2ac53d1c3 maybe fix boog? 2 years ago
  phryk ac85108eca added documentation link to readme 2 years ago
  phryk 865b0eb0bb docs for NetdataMonitor 2 years ago
  phryk 7a340bcd91 more DiskMonitor docs 2 years ago
  phryk c52d8d51d1 blargh 2 years ago
  phryk 28c40a73fe a bit more monitor documentation 2 years ago
  phryk b80d691ba0 added quickstart to top of docs 2 years ago
  adisbladis 0fd8e3fa67 Add nix package 2 years ago
  phryk b88b161165 fixed import/setup issue for sandboxed builds 2 years ago
  phryk b0bb6ef5d1 started monitor doc 2 years ago
  phryk 1613745437 documentation offensive still continues. 2 years ago
  phryk c982f0a28b added repo link to docs 2 years ago
  phryk 277b01ea8a docs docs docs 2 years ago
  phryk eb9df98288 MOAR DOC 2 years ago
  phryk bd67fbe623 yet more documentation 2 years ago
  phryk 2b54818248 even more work on documentation 2 years ago
  phryk aeaf03db71 some more documentation work 2 years ago
  phryk a2f684dba0 added _static doc dir overlooked in last commit. 2 years ago
  phryk 4c5f378a29 more documentation work, changed documentation theme, cleaned up gulik.png 2 years ago
  phryk acc9417a42 more work on inline documentation 2 years ago
  phryk 2510abd1ee better way of propagating version everywhere, driveby fix for apparently yet another weird thing happening with freshly started netdata instances 2 years ago
  phryk 07311386a0 documentation boilerplate things seem roughly done. 2 years ago
  phryk c9fa575cea sphinx documentation bootstrapping stuff 2 years ago
  phryk 449dceb98d test docstrings 2 years ago
  phryk ddb1272630 fixed various issues with netdata daemon starting/stopping while gulik is running, bumped version string 2 years ago
  phryk 49dbaec7d8 fixed bug in NetworkMonitor.count_sec 2 years ago
  phryk 85d5825038 added readme 2 years ago
  phryk f2eda362fc assorted fixes, more metainformation, set version, added license 2 years ago
  phryk f6d60a72d2 better default background color 2 years ago
  phryk 58489454f6 added line, markers, grid and autoscale plot settings to cascading defaults 2 years ago
  phryk cf1daeea0a s/[gG]auge/[vV]isualizer/ 2 years ago
  phryk 9556ea0994 definitely more lazors. fixes #1 2 years ago
  phryk a2ccd826ab naive fix for bsd inaccurate memory foo 2 years ago
  phryk 706bb46476 fix typo 2 years ago
  phryk 8945fa6f7f bugfix in DiskMonitor.caption 2 years ago
  phryk ac36aec87f some more work on disk, better autosetup, fixes, roundabout alpha stage now. 2 years ago
  phryk 11b6e776b9 disk monitoring should™ work now. 2 years ago
  phryk e669f88014 started work on disk data collection 2 years ago
  phryk 6d1e0cbd77 added headings to autosetup 2 years ago
  phryk c16f0ff3d5 a bit more work on autolegends 2 years ago
  phryk 9af95d333b (hopefully) fixed alignment in Text marquee 2 years ago
  phryk 2c2346e3d8 cleanup, error handling, fixes, maybe more 2 years ago
  phryk b29df03eae DEFAULTS now gives all elements enough PADDING_BOTTOM to fit a legend 2 years ago
  phryk c9888e13c2 autolegend stuff 2 years ago
  phryk cdf662eb6e added ignore_none helper function, added caption_placement to gauges, misc cleanup 2 years ago
  phryk 6892af1bc6 caption positioning bugfix 2 years ago
  phryk 883e051412 better styling, some cleanup 2 years ago
  phryk 292b8eebda added timeout to netdata requests, margins now actually used, too. 2 years ago
  phryk ecd1f89a3a more adjustments to integrate Gauge.get_style better 2 years ago