803 Commits (main)

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phryk 63872632a8 updated quickstart. 6 months ago
phryk 375ea480e5 improved documentation frontpage, moved actual documentation rendering to ,view so link generation doesn't take so damn long, possibly more… 6 months ago
phryk 3ab445632a further progress on documentation renderer 6 months ago
phryk b21831f91f lots of progress on better documentation renderer; removed old unicode hints from the 2.7 days 6 months ago
phryk 764809f126 changed SMTP configuration to port 465 (explicit TLS) and STARTTLS to False 7 months ago
phryk 70eef38874 removed set_trace's introduced in last commit 7 months ago
phryk f108b1dcdd improved editing base info for datasets in data editor 7 months ago
phryk a74e23dd9e added backdrop-filter blur to design. 7 months ago
phryk e5960ddfed replace all format string substitutions with f-strings. closes #15 7 months ago
phryk cdb60d92c5 geodata filtering with manually built polygons now works 7 months ago
phryk bd877c05e7 moved analysis.data.__types__ data into analysis.util dtype definitions 7 months ago
phryk 8e2276878c properly moved matching and filtering logic into dtypes 7 months ago
phryk 6e2c013d47 dtype-specific join conditions implemented, filters halfway done. 8 months ago
phryk 4369d6db3b centralized numpy dtype handling in analysis.util into classes 8 months ago
phryk fd33725fbb added deletion of join conditions on merge to data editor 9 months ago
phryk 7d51f9270f implemented editor parts for multi-joins when merging datasets 9 months ago
phryk d455dce69a better use of form.fields.RenderableWrapper in data editor components – fixed a display issue of the editor UI 9 months ago
phryk 5c0a801eee (hopefully) fixed EphemeralDataset.merge, next up: updating the form for multi-column joins? 9 months ago
phryk 6bde639b0e moved dataset merging into the dataset class and added support for multiple and/or-connected joins (untested), made docstrings in admin overview interpreted as markdown 9 months ago
phryk 7264280637 better debug hint positioning, cleaned up redirects in data editor, assorted fixes 9 months ago
phryk 3aefd8e5ba removed [geo]pandas from dependencies in setup.py 9 months ago
phryk 24c8b758fc ripped out pandas. seems to work. still needs some cleanup / adjustments 9 months ago
phryk 6136c3f3e6 commented out debugger breakpoints 9 months ago
phryk de205828dd forgot to commit. also improved cli import. 9 months ago
phryk d8d24a3c80 (probably) finished the rest api definition editor, next up: rest consumer 12 months ago
phryk 2659e1ea8e more rest api editor progress, some fixes 12 months ago
phryk c0998cf7f4 some more progress on the rest abstraction 12 months ago
phryk 41aba290b0 apparently something with the editor (most stuff seems to work now). also, started actual implementation of the generalized rest api feature 1 year ago
phryk 56c75d1e69 data editor port to formapp should™ now be complete. started fixing pre-existing bugs 1 year ago
phryk f569248c3c further progress on porting data editor over to new formapp abstraction 1 year ago
phryk f31e89f768 work towards nestable formapp components 1 year ago
phryk 0f092eb2af some progress on porting data editor over to new formapp abstration 1 year ago
phryk 0c6cdc59c5 removed code repitition to find submitting fieldset in form system, formapp system basically in working state 1 year ago
phryk 62d2d4409a added sessiondump tool and began work on generalized form app system 1 year ago
phryk f52414e64f generalized locking, it's now applied to all Administerable's. also some formatting fixes. 1 year ago
phryk 93eed4bc35 fix for the fix in the last commit. very yes. 1 year ago
phryk 0b0f3c6001 added minimum version for markdown dependency (cause freebsd package-supplied one is too ancient to work), (hopefully) fixed BSONField bug that breaks it with postgres 1 year ago
phryk 852de1eebc removed set_trace's 1 year ago
phryk 4fd55025ca added missing dependencies to setup.py 1 year ago
phryk a2d89bdbe2 fixed dependency name for pynacl 1 year ago
phryk 5877ef7fee stuff we forgot to commit. probably work on further generalizing svg plots 1 year ago
phryk 02aa7ceddc minor bugfix in editor and map output 1 year ago
phryk 52471056cf added layer descriptions to maps 1 year ago
phryk 8d4f408253 put plot descriptions into macros for better reusability. 1 year ago
phryk 17ca55ea0b a bit more work on descriptions, some fixes 1 year ago
phryk 0d0fc8446b adding per-point descriptions to scatterplot and descendants. 1 year ago
phryk c0c14318df added observation editing to data editor, also number field to form system, maybe also minor fixes 1 year ago
phryk 570068ad06 more work on the editor, including some unfinished icon work 1 year ago
phryk 5f5688ee0d added x509 format version certificates generated by the minica command, fixing chrom[e|ium] complaining about a malformed certificate. 1 year ago
phryk cb5b70002e well, that didn't work. 1 year ago