825 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
phryk a0cfe48862 Dumb fix for dumb issue. There might be more of the same still around, but fuck it, we're going for Ooze. 1 month ago
phryk 07a741f454 some old uncommited thing. probably a fix. 2 months ago
phryk 342ad493d1 hopefully fixed shit. introduced alternative mechanism to @before_first_request as that's going to be dropped with flask 2.3 2 months ago
phryk 1f573ead23 Fix for error output that should be f-string not being one. 2 months ago
phryk d51a63ff55 Compatibility fix for Flask deprecating Flask.try_trigger_before_first_request_functions 2 months ago
phryk baf2c983d4 compatibility fix for peewee 3.15 in FakeMetaOptions 2 months ago
phryk f7d10f2ec4 Fix bitrot caused by flask making app.debug basically read-only 4 months ago
phryk fa4ee3faae Made parameter for CLIs create_app lambda optional, fixing a bit of bitrot. 5 months ago
phryk c8c4ba6221 maybe a fix, maybe a fuckup 9 months ago
phryk fcc790ffd7 extremely unfinished and ugly 'fix' of csv import in data editor 9 months ago
phryk ce69142949 Revert "forgot to commit this months ago? not sure." 9 months ago
phryk f72b6694c8 fixed bug with file form fields where I'm not sure how this ever worked… 9 months ago
phryk 50bad00c90 fixed compatbility issue with ISO 8601-1:2019 / RFC 3339. abolish time. 9 months ago
phryk e8f554c576 subdued highlight color in svg background 9 months ago
phryk c81a26eebb fixed issue with comment fragment in CSS 9 months ago
phryk 1100460530 minor styling improvements 9 months ago
phryk 3d01b9d6b4 fixed null defaults for cli parameters in add 9 months ago
phryk df5682f0c2 Actually removed those backdrop-filters… :F 9 months ago
phryk 8f51170cc1 Removed backdrop filter in CSS to waste less CPU on firefox 9 months ago
phryk 0ce854bb02 Fixed tiny bug that snuck into pretty_bytes 9 months ago
phryk 83cec8f8f4 fix at least one compat issue with more recent flask 9 months ago
phryk c31db61749 forgot to commit this months ago? not sure. 9 months ago
phryk 63872632a8 updated quickstart. 1 year ago
phryk 375ea480e5 improved documentation frontpage, moved actual documentation rendering to ,view so link generation doesn't take so damn long, possibly more… 1 year ago
phryk 3ab445632a further progress on documentation renderer 1 year ago
phryk b21831f91f lots of progress on better documentation renderer; removed old unicode hints from the 2.7 days 1 year ago
phryk 764809f126 changed SMTP configuration to port 465 (explicit TLS) and STARTTLS to False 1 year ago
phryk 70eef38874 removed set_trace's introduced in last commit 1 year ago
phryk f108b1dcdd improved editing base info for datasets in data editor 1 year ago
phryk a74e23dd9e added backdrop-filter blur to design. 1 year ago
phryk e5960ddfed replace all format string substitutions with f-strings. closes #15 1 year ago
phryk cdb60d92c5 geodata filtering with manually built polygons now works 1 year ago
phryk bd877c05e7 moved analysis.data.__types__ data into analysis.util dtype definitions 1 year ago
phryk 8e2276878c properly moved matching and filtering logic into dtypes 1 year ago
phryk 6e2c013d47 dtype-specific join conditions implemented, filters halfway done. 2 years ago
phryk 4369d6db3b centralized numpy dtype handling in analysis.util into classes 2 years ago
phryk fd33725fbb added deletion of join conditions on merge to data editor 2 years ago
phryk 7d51f9270f implemented editor parts for multi-joins when merging datasets 2 years ago
phryk d455dce69a better use of form.fields.RenderableWrapper in data editor components – fixed a display issue of the editor UI 2 years ago
phryk 5c0a801eee (hopefully) fixed EphemeralDataset.merge, next up: updating the form for multi-column joins? 2 years ago
phryk 6bde639b0e moved dataset merging into the dataset class and added support for multiple and/or-connected joins (untested), made docstrings in admin overview interpreted as markdown 2 years ago
phryk 7264280637 better debug hint positioning, cleaned up redirects in data editor, assorted fixes 2 years ago
phryk 3aefd8e5ba removed [geo]pandas from dependencies in setup.py 2 years ago
phryk 24c8b758fc ripped out pandas. seems to work. still needs some cleanup / adjustments 2 years ago
phryk 6136c3f3e6 commented out debugger breakpoints 2 years ago
phryk de205828dd forgot to commit. also improved cli import. 2 years ago
phryk d8d24a3c80 (probably) finished the rest api definition editor, next up: rest consumer 2 years ago
phryk 2659e1ea8e more rest api editor progress, some fixes 2 years ago
phryk c0998cf7f4 some more progress on the rest abstraction 2 years ago
phryk 41aba290b0 apparently something with the editor (most stuff seems to work now). also, started actual implementation of the generalized rest api feature 2 years ago