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  phryk 9cf76a45a1 added pyproj to dependencies in setup.py 6 hours ago
  phryk af27d16916 updated .gitignore 6 hours ago
  phryk 6de0465eee more /0 fixing 1 day ago
  phryk 66e041143d naive fix for division by zero bug 1 day ago
  phryk 9ea6562119 manual merge 3 weeks ago
  phryk 3d539330b4 forgot to pull again 3 weeks ago
  phryk f8b4c8cece css improvements for svg maps 3 weeks ago
  phryk 8761f0db89 merged better geo templating stuff 3 weeks ago
  phryk f5b8e0362e oh god this will have to be merged by hand 3 weeks ago
  phryk c246054c50 something something better geodata 3 weeks ago
  phryk 9fe6e44ca8 implemented geojson point rendering 1 month ago
  phryk f1080b8f3c recursive GeoData now seems to work 1 month ago
  phryk f3902d900f slightly better svg css 1 month ago
  phryk 12659600ce lots of map progress, probably lots of new bugs, too. 1 month ago
  phryk 2fea9e92ce started work on new data model for maps 2 months ago
  phryk 0c6bd39562 svg subpackage restructured, some bbox stuff mayhaps? 2 months ago
  phryk fe73686bf4 bbox for map seems to roughly work 2 months ago
  phryk 96e55dfc58 more geojson progress 2 months ago
  phryk 8bdf79f6cb cli and testing fixes 2 months ago
  phryk 0d2158b548 disregard that, i did a stupid. 2 months ago
  phryk 8ca6ddef94 fix for template "fix" in previous commit 2 months ago
  phryk ce14b99958 removed stray set_trace from install cli command, added missing changes for errrorpage template 2 months ago
  phryk f30c59c413 finally fixed that --database issue 2 months ago
  phryk ff8faf25fc install now create upload dirs, fill.py py3 fix 3 months ago
  phryk 2e67d2ae57 some fixes for problems that probably were around since 2.7 3 months ago
  phryk 095b3c133c fixed broken search (still from 2.7) 3 months ago
  phryk 45f97560f2 hopefully the last py3 fix 3 months ago
  phryk 50b185e522 some more py3 work, template debug hint workaround for py3-specific escaping problem in python-markdown 3 months ago
  phryk 72801bec56 various py3 fixes 3 months ago
  phryk 2e6367323f assorted py3 fixes, plus a css fix to make absolutely 300% sure that tables don't overflow. 3 months ago
  phryk 1afe1fdde4 py3 fixes, finished errorpage adjustment apparently started long ago 3 months ago
  phryk 71f90b7333 Merge branch 'master' of rnd.phryk.net:phryk-evil-mad-sciences-llc/poobrains 3 months ago
  phryk 295140b122 a bit more work on python3 compat 3 months ago
  phryk 5211e11ae5 added test for minica 3 months ago
  phryk d1730335c6 more python3 work 3 months ago
  phryk 7f3b672149 started porting poobrains to python 3 3 months ago
  phryk 074a64b165 more tiny css changes that hopefully don't break things. 6 months ago
  phryk b02c3b4cf5 tiny css change, hopefully doesn't break anything 6 months ago
  phryk phryksen b7ac1dc7c2 broken commit. trying to fix --database 9 months ago
  phryk phryksen af1f0c2254 ClientCertForm now uses directly passed submit param instead of self.controls['submit_foo'].value 9 months ago
  phryk 161cced8af apparently even more work on testing. added user-facing clientcerttoken creation to profile, at least one random bug-fix, also some nicer styling for notifications 9 months ago
  phryk 6774cdb0e9 more better testing 9 months ago
  phryk da61aaeb69 testing a bit more generic, next up: testing all administerables 9 months ago
  phryk 6ab9c9e581 manual merge 9 months ago
  phryk b829d9210c more work on testing 9 months ago
  phryk phryksen 8229d03934 minor testing cleanup 9 months ago
  phryk 9fe11107a6 more permission tests, also maybe a fix 9 months ago
  phryk 7cd1f9cd9d more testing 9 months ago
  phryk 78a705352d removed now unneeded import of unittest 9 months ago
  phryk fb1bab8ca5 Don't deploy this. Contains 'fix' to OwnedPermission logic that makes things worse. Also moved testing to pytest and added first simple crud tests 9 months ago