781 Commits (master)

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  phryk 6136c3f3e6 commented out debugger breakpoints 1 month ago
  phryk de205828dd forgot to commit. also improved cli import. 1 month ago
  phryk d8d24a3c80 (probably) finished the rest api definition editor, next up: rest consumer 4 months ago
  phryk 2659e1ea8e more rest api editor progress, some fixes 4 months ago
  phryk c0998cf7f4 some more progress on the rest abstraction 4 months ago
  phryk 41aba290b0 apparently something with the editor (most stuff seems to work now). also, started actual implementation of the generalized rest api feature 4 months ago
  phryk 56c75d1e69 data editor port to formapp should™ now be complete. started fixing pre-existing bugs 4 months ago
  phryk f569248c3c further progress on porting data editor over to new formapp abstraction 4 months ago
  phryk f31e89f768 work towards nestable formapp components 4 months ago
  phryk 0f092eb2af some progress on porting data editor over to new formapp abstration 4 months ago
  phryk 0c6cdc59c5 removed code repitition to find submitting fieldset in form system, formapp system basically in working state 4 months ago
  phryk 62d2d4409a added sessiondump tool and began work on generalized form app system 4 months ago
  phryk f52414e64f generalized locking, it's now applied to all Administerable's. also some formatting fixes. 5 months ago
  phryk 93eed4bc35 fix for the fix in the last commit. very yes. 5 months ago
  phryk 0b0f3c6001 added minimum version for markdown dependency (cause freebsd package-supplied one is too ancient to work), (hopefully) fixed BSONField bug that breaks it with postgres 5 months ago
  phryk 852de1eebc removed set_trace's 5 months ago
  phryk 4fd55025ca added missing dependencies to setup.py 5 months ago
  phryk a2d89bdbe2 fixed dependency name for pynacl 5 months ago
  phryk 5877ef7fee stuff we forgot to commit. probably work on further generalizing svg plots 5 months ago
  phryk 02aa7ceddc minor bugfix in editor and map output 5 months ago
  phryk 52471056cf added layer descriptions to maps 5 months ago
  phryk 8d4f408253 put plot descriptions into macros for better reusability. 6 months ago
  phryk 17ca55ea0b a bit more work on descriptions, some fixes 6 months ago
  phryk 0d0fc8446b adding per-point descriptions to scatterplot and descendants. 6 months ago
  phryk c0c14318df added observation editing to data editor, also number field to form system, maybe also minor fixes 6 months ago
  phryk 570068ad06 more work on the editor, including some unfinished icon work 7 months ago
  phryk 5f5688ee0d added x509 format version certificates generated by the minica command, fixing chrom[e|ium] complaining about a malformed certificate. 8 months ago
  phryk cb5b70002e well, that didn't work. 8 months ago
  phryk 23d641a1eb some editor styling, added disabled flag to buttons, tried adding a header with logo to readme 8 months ago
  phryk ae85e16fd2 more progress on editor ui, some refactoring, maybe more 8 months ago
  phryk acdd4ee5f2 sticky table headers 8 months ago
  phryk ded2e8cd36 plots now try to find a plot definition of the fitting kind associated to the passed dataset. also unfinised session finish built 8 months ago
  phryk 0a1de35693 added plot definition deletion into data editor, made sure everything has cancel buttons and titles 8 months ago
  phryk 1966b74ed9 Progress on plot definition management; definitions can now be saved; various fixes; CHLOROPLETHS! 8 months ago
  phryk 60e4d19bd7 split EditorPlotActionControl into multiple fieldsets like EditorActionControl is, still unfinished. 8 months ago
  phryk c473420b8f ripped plot definitions out of dataset classes and into their own models 8 months ago
  phryk ac57ece4cd data editor now opens tabs that were viewed when submitting 8 months ago
  phryk b1e9cf6211 editor style now roughly doing the right thing 8 months ago
  phryk 91d51b9704 even more forced breaks in README.md 8 months ago
  phryk 95fab35ec9 hopefully better readability in README.md with forced breaks 8 months ago
  phryk 8bb07602a1 whoops. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 8 months ago
  phryk 5938e04f57 added README.md with a project outline 8 months ago
  phryk fedc6c483c work on better editor UI, added TabbedView and TabbedFieldset using a brand new variant of the checkbox hack, also fixed the worst bug ever in renderable.jinja 8 months ago
  phryk 55efd530c6 more progress on maps, theoretically implemented 1d chlorpleth capability, untested. 9 months ago
  phryk ed16fd0294 maps now render, better color support and parameterizable palettes 9 months ago
  phryk 9983c44d16 more progress towards proper geodata integration 9 months ago
  phryk 1b959a030a geodata can now be put into [Ephemeral]Dataset. 9 months ago
  phryk a5267f2f3f fix for form field choices with optgroups 9 months ago
  phryk d064798ddb analysis data now saved as bson, same for sessiondata, closing #22 9 months ago
  phryk 28139515ac added BSONField and specialized DataField, analysis persistence now uses BSON. 9 months ago