730 Commits (master)

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  phryk 5fe7fd87f1 added JSONField, probably other stuff 2 hours ago
  phryk 014990c807 made barchart less worse, probably some fixes, began work on built-in data sources and got confused. 2 days ago
  phryk 6c3f315a90 fixed filtering in data editor 4 days ago
  phryk 47eb89ca70 separated data visualization and analysis, added new data format for latter while (mostly) keeping old in former, also probably a bunch of fixes. 5 days ago
  phryk f8a68ba1c0 some structural changes in preparation of dataeditor refactor to also handle map data and become better overall, also a random css fix 2 weeks ago
  phryk dbbdaa6ed5 fixed horrible performance problem in geodata system, made map projection configurable, fixed profiler integration and CLI exports for plots and maps 2 weeks ago
  phryk 37fb9ecba8 Added HSTS and TLS enforcement, resolves #33 2 weeks ago
  phryk d67a61d7cf Added Content-Security-Policy. Resolves #35. 2 weeks ago
  phryk 13a4857593 Add SameSite to all cookies. Resolves #32. 2 weeks ago
  phryk 79492df049 fixed preview; resolves #17 – simple template rename; also moved preview from under to above the form. 2 weeks ago
  phryk 60e5c473dd forced markdown code linenums to false, opened upstream issue https://github.com/Python-Markdown/markdown/issues/980 – also fixes #8 for some reason or it wasn't really broken? 2 weeks ago
  phryk 38673f7b77 made JSON renders of [Ephemeral]Dataset jinja2.Markup which fixes #20; Added naughty HTML hack to make chrom[e|ium] think <video> is valid XHTML; Made dataset template use inline instead of raw mode for plot render 2 weeks ago
  phryk bf44089c29 removed duplicate Color class from helpers 3 weeks ago
  phryk 3efe7a833d massive commit, fixed a bunch of stuff, moved plot palettization into python code using inline CSS variable declarations for colors, added customizable layer color to data editor, made plots (almost) completely repsonsive. 3 weeks ago
  phryk 90866198eb good progress towards making svg plots responsive; fixed GroupPermission editing bug, probably other stuff. 3 weeks ago
  phryk 9df00f2191 fix in lineplot template (missing </g>), styling fix for layer descriptions 4 weeks ago
  phryk c4c7542d4e cleared up typecasting in svg.plot a bit, added support for datetime and multi-labelled grid stops (at least on x axis) 4 weeks ago
  phryk 0a1e121b04 various improvements and fixes for data editor 4 weeks ago
  phryk 7b9ed5a1f1 made cancel buttons consistent, resolves #11 4 weeks ago
  phryk ccf790906d callable form field parameters for choices, default and value now work everywhere, various improvements and fixes for dataeditor 4 weeks ago
  phryk 49700dde39 dataeditor fixes, renamed help parameters in plot.py to help_text, styling adjustment for help_text, bugfix in auth/__init__.py 1 month ago
  phryk 060874967b dataeditor fixes, renamed help parameters in plot.py to help_text, styling adjustment for help_text, bugfix in auth/__init__.py 1 month ago
  phryk 34ef3cd6be dataeditor fixes 1 month ago
  phryk 250fd45175 removed instance parameter from all form-related things, fixed inheritance in example.RandomMap, minor fixes. 1 month ago
  phryk d71a17da56 added reorder_item function to CustomOrderedDict, rewrote broken valid_name validator, implemented working filtering with pandas 1 month ago
  phryk 7569272afb cleaned up `DataEditor` fieldsets a bit and added basic action choice for `EditorLayerControl` 1 month ago
  phryk d4aff44691 form adjustments, dataeditor work, stuff 1 month ago
  phryk eeaa657af6 more data editor progress, field adjustments, testing fixes, added ColorField and Color form field, some templating, quite possibly other stuff. 1 month ago
  phryk ff7f3e5897 added layer deletion, bugfix for plotkind selection 1 month ago
  phryk c3d0420c10 added helper functions for fieldset processing, adjusted dataeditor, some other fixes 1 month ago
  phryk 703bae61f7 more progress on datavis, fixed barchart up for new data format, added plot kind selection, added severity-dependant flash message icons, some bugfixes, some styling. 1 month ago
  phryk 94c6b370c5 progress with dataeditor, adjusted dynamic data sources, other misc stuff and fixes 1 month ago
  phryk 064b767c8e progress and cleanup with dataset layers. 1 month ago
  phryk 3df772c6e4 some adjustments and clarifications in naming, working towards proper layer support, fixed some plot styling 1 month ago
  phryk e1e790439e started move to own persistence format for data visualization/analysis 1 month ago
  phryk 039cc52206 moved dataeditor to storeddataset editing, some other minor progress, too 1 month ago
  User Phryk f2584d749e went back to saving plot data as pickle because json fucks index typing right up 2 months ago
  User Phryk c557811916 saving dataframe from session to database implemented, two assorted bugs fixed 2 months ago
  User Phryk 7a7fe7ce70 Might contain traces of Progress™. 2 months ago
  phryk 68d16d2615 started work on adding multi-dataset capability to DataEditor 5 months ago
  phryk 08ab3fa595 added type hinting to example.Sine 5 months ago
  phryk d516e3e638 work on caching 7 months ago
  phryk 3e9ce4bdca small fixes for dataeditor and StockWeekly, added pandas to dependencies 7 months ago
  phryk 9cc5be2ed8 lots of work on dataeditor, some performance fixes too IIRC, probably other stuff I forgot. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 7 months ago
  phryk b12929194a something something more dataeditor work 8 months ago
  phryk b2aa94dcb6 more work on dataeditor. EditorLoadFieldset now dynamically builds a subform for dynamic dataset parameterization 8 months ago
  phryk 6ebeff0f32 work on dataeditor and pandas rendering, still unfinished 9 months ago
  phryk eca0865fa0 reverted svg inline display back to using <object> because complex maps make firefox freeze (probably due to DOM complexity) 1 year ago
  phryk a4b88e1208 tiny fix to make encrypted sessions work with postgres 1 year ago
  phryk 013d906c66 templating fix for StoredGeoData, fixed session bug caused by unknown but defined session id 1 year ago