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User Phryk bba5fcdc4f oops 4 years ago
phryk phryksen 203e12838d fixes? things? also way better delete button 4 years ago
User Phryk 660cb85ff7 theming and styling 4 years ago
phryk phryksen 70229d8d9b markdown should now be rendered the same size everywhere 4 years ago
phryk phryksen 71e2f6d15a templating and styling 4 years ago
phryk 955fc0cf16 hope this doesn't fuck shit up 4 years ago
phryk b5e0f55060 we now have notifications. a bit of work on dashbar and probably a good deal of other shit. 4 years ago
phryk 7759d6e0d0 added generic Container in rendering.py, changed admin_index a bit, some css, some templating 4 years ago
phryk 85e956dd94 things? 4 years ago
phryk 6d713b4d35 tiny form fix, some styling 4 years ago
phryk e15281d7e6 templated svg now gets passed compiled svg.scss 4 years ago
phryk 7f72c4dc73 svg now put through jinja, fixed an issue with app.root_path, other stuff, !!!ANIMOOTED LOGO!!! 4 years ago
phryk 30afca679b foob 4 years ago
phryk 2502e4c58d more commenting stuff 4 years ago
phryk 7118970a5d progress! 4 years ago
phryk 23ec4f1d08 form system validation and coercion logic nearly done 5 years ago
phryk 7f77232b34 CRUD now works. Next up: General cleanup before auth is implemented. 6 years ago
phryk 6ddef2c1a4 something something progress. 6 years ago
phryk f3d595b2c2 form generation/rendering coming along 6 years ago
phryk e74058aae0 views of exposed models now also loadable by id, url generation now supports teaser listing links with offset 6 years ago
phryk 38e760eedc everything pertaining to Listing now supporting view mode, template heritability added, some bugs fixed, some cruft removed 6 years ago
phryk 67bd07de10 a bit templating, added mode to listings 6 years ago
phryk 95ee50310c started writing better example, cleaned out some clutter 6 years ago
phryk c527d6c5d8 something something, url generation is teh working 6 years ago
phryk e3f01d9a19 added Pooprint.expose class decorator 6 years ago
phryk 00aade0491 something something testb template 6 years ago
phryk a50628a070 made theming stuff better, overridable theme resource delivery added, started content module, probably other stuff. 6 years ago
phryk 7e34a7e10e Revert "lots of changes, added box callback, menu thingie rendering, probably some other stuff done" 6 years ago
phryk e27236ce3a lots of changes, added box callback, menu thingie rendering, probably some other stuff done 6 years ago